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FrontQueen and Freddie Mercury is Best rock band ever
I was one of the lucky ones who saw him live on stage. Wow, what a performer! He hypnotized his audiences and brought everyone to their feet. One concert I’ve never forgotten. know as we get older and the icons of your youth pass…you learn to accept and appreciate them more….these men and women were pioneers really…Freddy Mercury was as genuine as life permitted him to be… I remember hearing Bohemian Rhapsody the first time…just like Wayne’s world lol…4 college students in the mid-70s, in a small car….absolutely floored by what we were hearing. Gave us courage to be a little rebellious, to resist the traditional views all around us. So the movie isn’t 100% accurate…but the points are made…Queen was phenomenal and FM was a creative legend. We WILL rock you.

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